dislexia and ADD, good for artists?

I love to write… well not really its very hard for me, but I like things that are hard and i like being creative.  having dyslexia, ADD and all the other good stuff… I never could spell and often go on in run off sentences… now with spell check a lot of that gets corrected, but I can not type or write as fast as I think and I feel this is my communications. I feel the way I speak is one way and the way I write is another. Language always makes us comform our idea to fit it. but we have no other way to pass information on, so we create the best language we can with syntax and grammar to convy ideas and stories. to ask directions and to give and follow them.

But in the moments of creativity that I can try to get out on a guitar or tabletop, water color or words… I want to stop trying to correct as much as I can, as I have been tought and to let what comes out just stand as what I said or thought.

Of course I do a review of what I have written as I always do, but I never seem to be able to catch all the spelling, forgotten comma or sytaxigramertical errors. So this is what comes out, except for my normal cursory check that I do pretty quick, I ilk the way i write and how it come out. forgotten capitals, clear misspellings, run on sentences and all, I let it stand.


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