If you have been watching the news, you know there is a MESS in the middle EAST. Terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, has all hit us in NYC and Washington during 911, which seems to have been forgotten.

Al Qaeda, ISIS, HAMMAS, ISIL, the middle east if full of people and groups that not only say out load “we HATE and will KILL Americans, JEWS, Christians, the other muslim group, etc…”, they are keeping true to their word. They launch missiles at Israel for no reason, calming we did something to deserve this. Besides Al Qaeda, which has had SUCCESSFUL ATTACKS on USA soil and at our embassies, and Naval vessel (the USS COLE) ISIS is threatening us, telling us the are coming for us. When will people wake up and stand up?

We have Genocides all over the world, I am not even going to google how many countries are experiencing Genocide as the numbers and sides change so fast, your head would spin trying to keep up.

Even here in the USA, we have corruption in government and crime on the street. Politicians give away clean air and soil for the company that will to pay enough, then they push a bill though that allows this hypocrisy. The 1% if the country that are FILTHY RICH, still WANT MORE!!! how greedy are we? They would have us go back to being SURFS, and the economy is showing this to be true. NEVER has their been such a stretch between rich and poor in the USA. The rich have gotten out of control. Its true everyone can not be rich, not matter how much hard work they do, but we have enough money and resources for EVERYONE to live well.

I heard a rich person had said. “I worked for my money, let them work for their money, and the government  is not going to tax me as much as poor workers.” When the Idea of reallocating wealth,they cry out loud this is not a commune, it is a democracy. I made (or inherited this money) let them work as hard as I have or “its not my fault they do not come from a rich family”

The mistake in that statement is not all the rich WORKED for their money, many inherited it, and the few people that make it on their own are few and far in-between. However regardless of this, it is the WORKER that made all that MONEY built your cars, or sell your coffee, or package your sugar. We need these people. If someone comes up with an idea like “Mcdonalds” or “Starbucks” They still need people that they work for them in order for this huge companies to run and make the billions of dollars that they bring in. ThBut these workers are people and they can not all be business owners or stock holders. SOMEONE has to pick up your garbage, someone has to fix all your computers. PAY THEM FAIRLY, so they can have a good and satisfying life where they are not stressing all the time as prices go up, and their pay does not, many can barley pay all their bills. These are hard working people, but someone must work in the factory, just because you own the factory does not mean you should make them work for the lowest amount you could pay them. Stop being so greedy! you have enough beach houses and fancy cars in your homes in NY and LA, or where ever… You can still live good, but understand we are work together as a team and you are treating the star players like dirt, paying just enough so they don’t revolt. And then you ship their jobs overseas and expect the American consumer to have money to buy your big screen TV or car or whatever they make at the factory.

You might be looking at it all wrong, we understand there will always be upper and low class and workers and owners. but to line your own pockets with more and more, as you cut wages and lay off people, is criminal. This is not how to treat your fellow man.

Money does not bring happiness, but knowing you have “Enough” to feed and take care of your family, and have time to spend with family and a few luxuries, is not asking a lot. Yes rich will still fly around in private jets… but the lower class should have more MONEY so they can USE THE AIRLINE YOU OWN. How can your airline fly if people do not have enough to use it. Yes you will have your luxury car, but if the poor get poorer, who will buy your lower class cars? This is not only cold and inhuman, it is a BAD business decision. This system will not sustain itself.

If we follow on this path USA will not be democracy or a commune, it will be a MONARCHY! With a few Elite rich that OWN almost everything and have almost all the money, and at the other end will be beggars and homeless. The few that scrabble and get a job as a bank teller. or sever at McDonnolds, will nearly make enough to live and when they retire they will have no savings or a place to go. They will be thrown out in the cold to die on the street. what country does this to its citizens? A medieval monarchy, we are already seeing this very stuff happen as older people are thrown out in the streets, after a lifetime working at a factory or office, many struggles their whole lives and end up with nothing in the end.

We need to TAX the Rich not give them a break, There is no trickle down, that never worked and never will, because most of the rich just don’t care about anyone else. We need to put a cap on how much the top CEO’s can make, and a higher minimum wage. And Minimum should be Just that Minimum, not wage of the poor. hopefully companies would pay higher then minimum, that the CEO would stop giving them selves $100,000 raise or bonus when they already are rich. They can still get a bonus, but so should the workers.


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