This experience I am going though with the abusive mother of my kids, reminds me of what Israel is going though. If anything this reaffirms my place, my job, my path in this life.

I think of ALL THE LIES told about me, that are believed with out proof, or even when there is proof that the lie is a lie, it is ignored. Israel goes though this all the time. WIth no HATE aimed at Egypt, she was still attack. With no hate and having done nothing to Iran or Iraq or she is hated and attacked. lies are spread, that it is the JEWS OWN FAULT for being attacked, all sorts of fake reason are given It was even said and believed that JEWS KILLED CHRISTIAN BABIES AND DRANK THEIR BLOOD. Even though Blood is not Kosher and no Jew would drink blood.

It is interesting the the anti-Semitic country of FRANCE is more then happy to kill and imprison JEW, feels the OPPOSITE about Muslims, and now the Muslims are burring FRANCE. Good luck all you French folk, soon you will all bow to allah, enjoy your submission.

In the 1890’s there was a hearing for a for a BRAVE FRENCH JEWISH SOLDIER NAMED “Alfred Dreyfus”. Who having done nothing wrong was convicted of TREASON, giving secrets to the enemy. 

During his completely unfair trial, the truth came out that IT WAS NOT THE JEW “Alfred Dreyfus” that did this, it was actually Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy an ARMY MAJOR that had committed the crime. it was even reported in the NEWS PAPER THAT Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy had committed the crime. Yet the JEW “Alfred Dreyfus” went to JAIL… some people where outraged, he was retried now that the truth was out… YET THEY CAME UP WITH MORE LIES, since the first ones would not hold anymore and he was CONVICTED AGAIN.

This is how I feel, and now I know how he felt… I have protected my kids and never harmed them like is being told. Yet the Abuser, so full of HATE keeps telling new lies and they are believed and without evidence and even with evidence to the contrary, my kids are taken from me. The worst thing is just like JEWISH FAMILIES getting on the train to go to DEATH CAMPS I know my kids have been put on the train to live like in PAIN like Zombies to get though the abuse and lies of their mother.

Do not look at lies that people are telling look at the PROOF. The Proof of actions against ISREAL AND JEWS ARE REAL, Just like the proof of what has happened to my kids and and I are REAL. This is not just something someone can say happened or not or is not happening now. Proof is Missiles are being fired at our countries… that is a FACT, not what some nobody is saying… Screaming, lying, alienating and physical abuse that leave bruises are REAL. I have seen and documented. yet just like Israel people love to hate someone, So I and Israel are the scapegoat so that our enemies can continue to hurt us. NO one will stand up for Israel or my kids and I, They are happy to see them and I burn. I alone Stand for my Kids and will never give up on trying to save them.

In USA and ISRAEL you can say bad things about anyone even insult the president,  people are killed for speaking in in many other countries, include the ones help bent on destroying Israel. I am finding that the First amendment in USA is not really granted to everyone. apparently the truth can be suppressed and those in power will try to stop you from exercising your FREEDOM OF SPEACH.  which become even more important when your enemy is allowed to tell lie after lie, and nothing is done about it, and I am not allowed to speak and defend myself and my kids. THIS IS HOW ISRAEL FEELS, this is what the Jewish people endure and endure and endure.

But at least we know TURTH from LIES, we my be killed in SPAIN for not converting, we may be gassed in Germany just for living, we may be attacked by ALL surround countries that have no reason to attack as we have never attacked or harmed them. But we KNOW THE TRUTH!

HEAR O ISRAEL OUR G-D IS ONE (and the only one)

Blessed is the name of his glorious Kingdom.

You know what else is real… GAS CHAMBERS are REAL!!! HATE speeches, are real from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! HE has said it OVER AND OVER “WE WILL KILL THE JEW” “WE WILL PUSH THEM INTO THE SEA”, That is the PRESIDENT of Iran. WHO in Israel ever said they want to kill everyone in Iran, or Iraq or Egypt?


The words of your president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (if your from Iran), are those of HATE and KILLING. How can the country say they do not fell the same way… if the county elected him, then they AGREE with him and HIS GOALS!!! the truth is plan to see from any angle you look at it from.

Yet people say it is Israelis fault and no matter how well Israel sticks to the plan, give up land, help with medical aid, even give its attackers warning before we fight back so that innocents might get out of the path of fire, we are still called ANIMALS and it is our fault that the world HATES US

So it is for Israel, it goes for me and my kids. And I still do not know why. I grew up in an abusive home and was kicked out (like my mother and brothers) by my dad at 14 years old… after 14 years of abuse, it hurt that this man never apologized and kicked me out as if I was the one doing something wrong. I went and married an abuser like the family I had grown up with. but I GREW and I LEFT. I do not want to have anything to do with my abusive parents or EX-wife… yet they continue to lie and attack and have even taken my kids, so that my family will have fresh meat to torture… it took STRENGTH AND COURGE to live though and move past my abusers imprint, I almost believed my father and ex wife lies about me. IF you are told YOU ARE BAD enough time, you start to believe it. But NO MORE, I KNOW THE TRUTH.

But I can not get away, even now, she attacks in court and my millionaire father and mother pay for the abuse and pay to make sure she wins in court so they have a replacement for me, now that I am not there to abuse… MY KIDS… they are now in the clutches of abusers and the family court put them there.

what recourse do I have… should I listen and GET INTO THE GAS CHAMBER. should I stand in line and wait for the machine guns. No parent should have to watch their children torn from them and handed to an abuser a molester, a parent that physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually abused the children, yet I have met parent after parent that this has been done to, by our GOVERNMENT OWNED AND OPERATED FAMILY COURT SYSTEM OF ABUSE.

WHY are my kids and other parent kids given to the abusive ex (mom or dad) and why do they get help from the family court. America PAYS these judges and evaluators that are no more qualified to judge a person then an ANT is qualified to work in a BEE HIVE.


ISRAEL, G-D willing will STAND forever. My kids and I, and all the other abused children and spouses across the world will stand forever. Because even if you kill us and jail us and burn us and gas us… WE KNOW THE TURTH, WE ARE INNOCENTS AND OUR CHILDREN ARE INNOCENTS. We will protect them and stand for them. We will protest and say out loud “THIS IS AN ATROCITY” and we will NOT GIVE UP until we have saved every last one of our children. Israel will never give up until we are left in PEACE and her citizens are treated like human beings.


peace out


Amazing how some people can deny the truth in front of them


Israel accepts an Egyptian-proposed Gaza cease-fire; Hamas keeps firing. Hamas deliberately aims rockets at civilians; Israel painstakingly tries to avoid them, actually telephoning civilians in the area and dropping warning charges, so-called roof knocking.


“Here’s the difference between us,” explains the Israeli prime minister. “We’re using missile defense to protect our civilians, and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles.”



Moral clarity in Gaza


my thoughts and deep saddness

I miss my kids so much it hurt not only emotionally, but my body aches and a feel sick every time I think about the sick people that helped send my kids to spend their lives with a narcissistic abuser. I can say this is true becuase I wittnessed it and have audio and video tape proving it. This is not allegation it is fact. I will spend every last cent I have in court to try to save them from all the harm that awaits them during their waking moments with their abusers. Again, not an allegation but a fact. It is PAINFULLY Obvious that Family court FAILS families all over this county. I Never though it would be my kids sent to live with their alienating abuser.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Starting a blog is a big step.  Opening my story to strangers, opening my story to possible issues from those around me who delight in secrets.

But it’s time.

Time to talk about what’s happened to me, what’s happened to my kids, and what’s happened to my wife.

Come back often….I have wordy spurts I promise you.

(Please do not judge spelling errors, that isn’t some people’s best feature).